6 Tips For Your First Trip To The Brothel

There comes a time in life when you want to try something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try physical intimacy without any commitment with the girl of your dreams. Or, you’re just out of a relationship or a marriage and you want a girlfriend experience, without investing time in building a relationship. There are many reasons why a person would want intimacy without any commitment. The best place to get exactly what you seek is by visiting a brothel. If this is your first time, here’s a list of things you should know before picking a brothel.

Know your reason why

Just like in any other area of life, you need to know what is your reason behind making such a decision. The key is to understand your drive and why you want to go to a brothel, besides the obvious. When you know the driving force behind this decision, you’ll be less likely to back out or have some doubts after this experience. Just make sure this is your final decision before proceeding to the next step.


Before you decide on any action steps, you need to know what options are easily available to you. Depending on your physical location, this research may be easy. For example, if you live in Australia, you already know that there are many established locations out there with the highest rating. You may get a word-of-mouth recommendation for one of Melbourne brothels, or you can just do a simple Google search.  Just make sure that you can find what you want in your location. If not, there are many options for travel, like visiting Australia.


When you finish your research and you discover the establishment that ticks all of your requirements, it’s time to make a booking. Firstly, take a look at the available roster and their availability. If a girl of your choice, only works on Wednesdays, don’t call on Monday trying to book her on Monday.

Next, follow the guidelines on the website to make a booking. If it says to send a message and then they will call you, follow the instructions. If there’s a phone call available, and it says calls only, simply call and be as professional as possible.

The proper rule of conduct

First of all, you have to approach this experience with the utmost respect as possible. You are interacting with a real person, and there are rules of conduct. The first rule of conduct is to be respectful at all times. The second rule of conduct is to respect the agreed time and agreed set of services. Next, you need to respect the rules of the establishment. For example, if no phones are allowed, you will be asked to leave your phone at the reception. Lastly, just like you want your privacy and the highest form of respect, you need to offer the same level to the establishment and the woman of your choice.


This one should be self-explanatory, however, we’ll still go ahead and note this down as something you should know. You have to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness. Take a bath beforehand, and dress up in clean and fresh clothes. Take a mint and wear some light perfume. You also need to be aware that someone will spend some time with you and it should be a pleasant experience for the as well. ALos, protection is of utmost importance, so you’re expected to wear a condom.

The rates

When it comes to visiting an established location of your choice, you have to be informed about the rates beforehand. These pieces of information are usually available on the website. If you want a set od specific services, there will be added cost involved. Make sure you are well informed in advance and prepare enough cash to have it on you. Also, you need to think about the tip, so make sure to include this in your budget.

Lastly, make sure to enter all of this with the right mindset. There may be many reasons why you have decided to visit a brothel, and each one is right if you’ve thought it through. Remember that this is a business just like any other, and you must act with politeness, kindness and respect. Act with respect and you can expect the same in return.