All about Chastity for the Sissies

For so many people out there, the chastity lifestyle is real fun and an interesting one. But this kind of lifestyle or relationship is just not meant for those who are in a straight, male-female kind of relationship. It comes about as an interesting one for even sissies out there. 

Even though for so many people male chastity is all about men, but so is sissy chastity for men but in an interestingly different way. Were you aware of the fact that the sissies out there are not permitted to have an orgasm through their penis? They have chastity cages that are designed especially for them. Most of them are quite small in shape and are known as micro chastity devices or cages. They are usually worn by men who wish to transform into a female. They come with chastity belts too. 

If you too are a chastity gurl, then we have some tips mentioned for you below:

Even the whole male chastity idea has something that’s quite inherently feminine about it. This is one of the real reasons why most of the sissies out there do prefer to wear a chastity device. Being one means you are embracing your beautiful feminine side and why not show it out to your partner or the world out there? Let’s now know more about how sissies are and how to transform into that kinky mode. 

All about Sissy Sex

Even though due to the honey-dipped sweet denial you must be feeling horny almost all the time, you must also know that your locked penis is something that your keyholder loves most about you. The real reason why your partner would want you to be in such a state is that keeping control over you would be much easier that way.

Since you are denied climax most of the time, your partner loves to control that part of your life and this is what brings you both even closer to each other.