How to Approach People for Swinging?

To approach someone even in a usual dating world can often be nerve-wracking. However, most of us will end up doing that at some point. Most of you must have faced this kind of nervous moment at least once in your life.

Often the following questions may haunt your mind such as:

  • What do I say?
  • Will I be rejected?
  • Do I really look good today?

No doubt it is difficult and when you are considering the swinger community, you need to consider even more because now here it is not just only about you, but also about your partner too and to establish a 4-way connection between both of you and also both of them.

Maybe you know that you are attracted to them, but the question is whether the other couple also feels the same about you? Whether should you go ahead? Or take things a little slower? Particularly, if it happens to be your first time experience at any swinger’s club or a dating website, it can always be too overwhelming to be there itself, let alone approaching a new potential couple for a sexy swap.

You may also visit the website and try to read the swinger and group sex section and update yourself with much more information about approaching any other couple after attending a few sessions online on swinger sites.

The following tips for approaching any swinger couple may help you to make your job a little easier.

1.   Wait to catch someone’s attention

If you are a sexy couple then be confident about yourself and be cool. After meeting a few couples, ask your partner to know what he or she feels. Don’t flirt with a couple if your partner is not interested.

2.   Just introduce yourselves

Go to those couples whom both of you are interested in and introduce yourself. If the other couple also looks equally interested then proceed with the further conversation.

3.   Strike up a conversation

You may engage in an interesting conversation and also observe how the other couple is responding to your conversation. You can easily recognize the vibe and in case it does not go well go to the next couple.

4.   Bring up the lifestyle

Though it is silly to bring up this point as you have a common lifestyle, but still nothing wrong to bring up this topic and know from each other how long they have been in this and what their experiences are.

5.   Take it to your dance floor

When you find that the conversation is going very well then draw the couple to the dance floor and exchange partners during the dance to explore more. Here both partners will get the opportunity to feel the new partner.

6.   Bring up the subject for which you are here

If everything is going well then bring out the subject for which you are here and go ahead with it.

Remember this is all about enhancing the physical relationship with your partner. How you explore with the help of another partner will depend on both you and the other couple and usually, it ends up with successful exploration.