The Health Benefits of Adult Toys

Adult toys have long been seen as taboo. But one former nurse argues that pleasure products deserve a place in doctor’s offices. Beyond just enhancing intimacy, toys can help treat certain health conditions too. Doctors should overcome embarrassment and recommend helpful options to patients. Read on to learn 5 key ways toys improve wellbeing.

Promoting Overall Wellness

Simply put, sex brings happiness by releasing feel-good chemicals in the brain. Using toys spices things up which lifts mood and boosts circulation. This holds true for partnered intimacy or solo play alike. Overall, great sex just makes people feel good emotionally and physically.

Easing Menopause Symptoms

For middle-aged women, declining estrogen often causes vaginal dryness and tightness leading to painful sex. Vibrators alleviate these issues by improving vaginal tone and lubrication. Toys also aid recovery after childbirth or surgery by keeping delicate tissues flexible to prevent excessive tightness.

Helping Men Too

Just like women, men gain benefits from adult toy use. Erectile health improves through increased blood circulation. Sex drive also sees a spark. And by exploring toys, guys better understand their needs and notice any abnormalities early.

More Than Penetration Alone

Most females cannot climax from penetration only, no matter how aroused. Direct clitoral stimulation usually holds the key to better orgasms. So toys like small vibrators are extremely helpful for this. They can also help in cases of vulval pain where penetration causes discomfort.

Treating Vaginismus

This condition makes vaginal muscles involuntarily contract when insertion is attempted, causing pain. Medical dilators slowly stretch tissues. However, Blow job machines and vibrators relieve symptoms too since they already link to pleasure which promotes relaxation. This can quicken recovery.

Doctor Approval

Doctors should recognize adult toys are important sexual health tools, not shameful secrets. Beyond the bedroom, vibrators and lubricants treat medical issues like menopause, vulval pain, erectile dysfunction, and vaginismus. It’s time attitudes evolve to recommend products proactively.

Can Adult Toys Improve Your Love Life?

Believe it or not, the first vibrator was created to treat a made-up medical condition called ‘hysteria’ in Victorian England. Doctors falsely believed women felt no sexual pleasure, so symptoms like anxiety, lubrication, and arousal were labeled as illness. Tired of manually stimulating patients, one doctor invented a device to do the work. Of course, we now know better – women definitely enjoy intimacy! And modern couples use toys to enrich their experiences.

 From Taboo to Mainstream

Adult toys used to have a reputation as something illicit purchased in seedy shops. But views gradually shifted, even as the industry grew into a multi-billion dollar market. Today, over half of women acknowledge using vibrators. And studies show 60%+ of couples own toys to use together. We’ve come a long way from the days of shame and secrecy!

Enhancing Love Lives

So how exactly do these products boost couples’ relationships? For many women, toys provide clitoral excitement traditional sex lacks, increasing pleasure. Men appreciate less performance pressure too. Toys also help identify erogenous zones, teach what feels best. And special varieties exist now for partner play during foreplay or intercourse – taking connections to new heights.

Communication is Key

Before bringing toys into the bedroom, have honest talks first. Don’t introduce too early before trust builds. Emphasize enhancing already wonderful intimacy rather than any inadequacy. If met with hesitation, give space then revisit later. Approach selecting toys lightheartedly together. This exploration can be a fun chance to laugh and bond more deeply as a couple.

The Bottom Line

The key is letting go of awkwardness around adult toys, viewed more positively today. With open communication and mutual understanding, products once deemed taboo can now help take committed relationships to more fulfilling levels.